Zimon Organizing



My organizing method will help you define how to create a serene, peaceful and stress-free space in your home. It will teach you to keep the clutter out and your space organized by implementing organizing tools and concepts on a consistent basis.

“Decluttering can be a bit stressful, but with my method and my friendly way, it will enable you to understand and implement this process.”

Decluttering can involve many different steps. These steps are:

  • To decide where you will start the decluttering process
  • Then you need to have a vision in mind of what the finished area or room will look like at completion
  • Start decluttering in just one area of the room first, to make it not such an overwhelming process


These are the sorting categories:

  • Relocate
  • Donations
  • Keep
  • Recycling

“I will bring my professional sorting boxes and bags to help you through the sorting process.

It’s also helpful to have these supplies at hand: trash bags, scissors, and a label maker, which I can provide.”

When you pick up each item, ask yourself – Do I really need this item?

“Get into a space in your mind to where each item should be sorted. Letting go of items is OK and very difficult, but with my help and sensitivity we can make those choices together.”


Determining your vision for the room will help to determine how you want to organize your items.

Remember to work just in the space you are decluttering.

  • What is the room’s most important function?
  • What is a must have or must keep for your room?

Once sorting is complete, put items that you are keeping in the space (from the keep box or bag) back into the room. Then relocate all items that belong in another room. Lastly bring all trash and recycling items outside into the trash and recycling bins.

I can help with this process, but it’s your vision!

Lastly, look and savor your neat, organized space! Be proud of your accomplishment! 

“I love this part.”


Maintenance of a space just organized will be completed monthly or seasonally, depending on the room.

Doing this monthly maintenance of your space helps prevent the clutter from returning and a visit from your friendly neighborhood organizer…. Hence, we meet again!”

It also holds you accountable to your habits and gives a sense of pride when you can keep the space clean and organized.

After we are finished working together on your space and your approve the final touches, my organizing method can be used to maintain your space, keeping it neat and organized. It’s a constant process.

“By the way if you need me to help, I am here for you!”